Megan & Joe

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Courtney's planning service is the best place you can possibly spend your wedding budget. Originally, my parents and I were debating whether we would even need a planner, and we all said that hiring Courtney was the best money spent! She is so helpful, responsive, organized, PATIENT, and has an amazing design style! She's a great communicator who is very good at organizing people on the day of. She has a very even-keeled demeanor, even when something wasn't perfect or the groomsmen were a causing a ruckus (haha.) She's assertive and sweet at the same time - an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is Courtney an amazing planner, but also an amazing calligrapher. She reproduced signs with ideas I sent her, and they could not have turned out better. She also had a lot of cute decor that she didn't hesitate to offer for us to borrow. Throughout the planning year, I was always amazed with how logistics she got done with my vendors behind the scenes without me even knowing... she saves so much time!! For any calls with the vendors, she was willing to be flexible about times no matter what her schedule was like.  We could not have had pulled off such an amazing day without Courtney. After working so closely with Courtney over the past year, I felt like I lost a friend after the wedding! Haha. Hope to keep in touch with Courtney and recommend her to friends or use her to help plan another party or event in the future.

Thank you, Courtney, for everything... you are absolutely amazing!!

Michelle & Mike

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Courtney is a force, and our wedding was something out of a dream thanks to her. There really aren't enough good things I can say. If you're considering Courtney for your wedding, my god, retain her now. You have 5,000 decisions to make and hiring Courtney will be your easiest.

I'm not one for giving overflowing, generous praise. I'm a PR professional and event planning is in my repertoire; I thought I knew it all and I'd have no problem planning our wedding on my own with my mom. Boy, glad I let go of my false sense of confidence because there's no way my mom and I could have pulled off our wedding without her! (We enlisted Courtney for partial planning services.)

Here's why you must work with Courtney: planning a wedding isn't just about the vendors. The venue. The budget. The design. Courtney is a best-in-class master of all of those aforementioned things, but she breaks away from the rest when it comes to artfully managing the INTANGIBLES of the wedding planning process. Family dynamics. Unexpected events. Courtney is a compassionate communicator and it's clear that she really cares about you, your family, and your big day in a genuine way. When you talk to her, you feel like your wedding is her ONLY wedding. You feel like you're her only bride. When she suggests a magical DIY photobooth idea for cocktail hour, you can tell she tailored the idea just for you. Your big day is personal, and Courtney is a master of personalization.


  • She's an amazing calligrapher and chalk artist and can support you with signage.
  • She has a deep and diverse background in design and production prior to becoming a wedding planner. Because of this, your wedding won't look cookie-cutter. Courtney is a master of originality and her good taste is unmatched.
  • She's so accessible. We exchanged texts, had impromptu calls and she was always there when I needed her.
  • She has the best relationships in Sonoma County, and she's a master connecter.
  • She was able to get a control freak like me to let go and enjoy :-)

Yana & Scott

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We cannot say enough amazing things about Courtney... we would have been completely lost without her as our wedding planner for our June wedding in Sonoma, California. From the moment we first spoke with her on the phone, we knew we were in good hands. We live in Houston so she was a tremendous help in recommending wedding vendors and offering advice on anything and everything, from what restaurants to organize family dinners at to available nanny services to wineries to so much more. She's talented, resourceful, well respected by every single person who knows her, responsive and professional. Courtney is also incredibly personable and down to earth and has an easygoing personality, which is perfect for calming down stressed couples who think it might rain during their completely outdoor wedding :) Loved every moment of working with her and highly recommend her services!!

Savannah & Jack

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Courtney is a rock star. I am certain that my review will not come close to expressing how amazing she is. As the coordinator for our wedding at Campovida this spring, Courtney handled the entire production with ease and quiet confidence. From recommending and booking vendors to designing the event, she covered every detail perfectly. Walking down the aisle was my first glimpse of all her work; it was even more breathtaking than I had imagined. I was actually a guest at my own wedding and it was spectacular. From the moment we met Courtney, we knew that we had made the right choice. I would do it all over again (and not make a single change.)

Laurell & Bryce

Courtney is worth her weight in GOLD! She saved the day more than once and was a pleasure to work with all the way leading up to our wedding day. We were planning a destination wedding and didn't always know the best resources; every recommendation Courtney made was perfect! Always kept our budget in mind and never pushed to go over. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sarah & Marc

There is no doubt in my husband’s and my mind that our magical and perfect wedding day would not have been even close to what it was without Courtney! Hands-down the best wedding coordinator anyone could ask for. Her skill in event planning is obvious from the first conversation you have with her, and she just keeps impressing you along the way. Courtney is the perfect combination of incredible attention to detail (the timeline was amazing and actually had our wedding day running AHEAD of schedule… unheard of!) and sheer creativity. We were completely comfortable leaving so many decisions in her hands simply because of that creativity! We had 100% trust in all of Courtney's decisions and ended up with a first class roster of vendors for our wedding because of her recommendations.   

Our only advice is bring Courtney on very early in the process of planning your wedding because her experience, connections, and recommendations can really save you a lot of headaches up front! Anyone planning a wedding struggles with where to stretch the budget and sometimes a wedding coordinator can seem like an expense where to cut back. DON'T DO IT! We are so happy we went with the partial-planning package rather than just a day-of coordinator because Courtney truly took so much stress out of the planning process for us.

Danielle & Louis

From my first conversation with Courtney, I knew I had found someone incredible to work with in helping make our wedding a wonderful day for both us and all of our guests. She was informative in answering all of my questions and concerns and extremely helpful in making sure all of my ideas and designs for the day came to life! She met with me and did all of the ordering and organizing of all of the rentals for our August wedding at Campovida in Hopland, California and she also communicated with all of my vendors in letting them know what they needed to do for our wedding. My photographer mentioned on more than one occasion how amazing and efficient Courtney was and that she just knows how to make everything run smoothly! I would recommend Courtney to anyone who is looking for an organized, detail oriented, informative wedding and event coordinator who is beyond a pleasure to work with in planning an event!

Randi & Ben

Our Campovida wedding completely exceeded our expectations, much thanks to Courtney and her team. We met her by chance at another venue on our search, and immediately liked her chill disposition and attitude. It was probably the easiest decision we made during the whole planning process, and we were so thankful we did. 

Courtney is a professional in every sense of the word; she's a wealth of information, super organized, hands on when you need her to be, and invisible when you don't. I'm a designer who is admittedly pretty obsessed with details, but it was apparent very early on that there was no need for me to micromanage. Courtney has a great eye and went over and above our contract to make sure everything was absolutely perfect. I had several people comment how relaxed I was all weekend, and that was only because I knew we were in the most capable of hands. I can't recommend Courtney enough!

Jacki & Scott

Courtney went above-and-beyond as our wedding coordinator for our spring wedding at Cornerstone Sonoma. Not only is she incredibly creative, she is incredibly practical. From our first meeting with Courtney, we knew that it would be the best decision we could have made. A few examples of Courtney's awesomeness:

  • She took a trip with us to pick-out all of our rentals and linens, which was a huge order!
  • She liaised with Sonoma wineries, caterers and transportation companies to help organize an amazing wine tour for 80+ people - on Memorial Day weekend no less.
  • She gave us sound and honest advice when we were in need of it.
  • She has incredible relationships in Sonoma and beyond, and all her referrals were spot on, from our stylists to our band!
  • She provided hotel suggestions that were off the beaten path and perfect for our guests!
  • She managed my family's last-minute requests without blinking an eye. She is incredibly responsive and thorough!!
  • And when I had my freak-out moment on wedding morning, she kept me calm and diffused my concerns.

Our wedding was an overwhelming success due in large part to Courtney's involvement. My husband and I really enjoyed working with Courtney. She added wonderful creative touches to our wedding day that will forever be with us. If you are looking for a spot-on coordinator or planner for any event, Courtney is your girl!

Janine & Brett

AMAZING. We had Courtney as a day-of coordinator and she went above and beyond for us. Not only answering some of my random questions that I thought of throughout the planning process but also truly caring about the event. For instance, my plan for the outdoor cocktail tables was to leave them simple and without table clothes. Courtney noticed during the set-up day-of that they didn't look as good as we thought they would and let me know. She was right and we easily added some spare tablecloths. I really appreciated her attention to detail and treating my wedding like it was her personal event. I truly felt like she wanted it to look beautiful and run smoothly. I love that she did not blindly follow our setup details and timeline since sometimes things do need to be adjusted the day-of and you need a wedding coordinator who can make decisions along the way.  

She was very professional, fun to work with, and very organized with all of the wedding timing and details. Hiring Courtney was by far the best decision that I made for my wedding and it was such a comfort having her there to help during such a stressful time. :)

Meghan & John

My now husband and I worked with Courtney for our wedding in October at Vine Hill House in Healdsburg, California - and it was the best decision we made!

When I first met Courtney, I had already selected a venue, florist and caterer. Also, our venue owner acts as a "day of" coordinator, so I was told I didn't really need a wedding planner. Knowing myself and how busy I am with work and travel, I wanted the peace of mind of having someone help me in the overall planning process (especially on design elements.) Courtney proved to be invaluable!

From my first meeting with Courtney, she jumped right in. She got to know me and the groom, and what our style was. From just a few short meetings, Courtney took over and I knew we were in very capable hands. She would ask my opinion on the things she knew I might care about, and then made decisions on the rest (did you know how many types of napkin folds are out there?)

Through her professionalism, calm demeanor and intelligence, Courtney worked with all of our vendors to make our wedding a truly beautiful and special event. She transformed our venue with her creativity and vision into a space that our guests haven't stopped raving about. Everyone who came into contact with her had nothing but the best things to say; I was proud to have her representing us.

There are many planners out there, but I cannot imagine any of them have the eye for style, professionalism, organization and ability of Courtney. If you want to be stress-free for your wedding, Courtney is your girl